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SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine

SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine

SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine    SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine
Combined with IPL pulse photopyrolysis principle and strong magnetic energy, it can effectively solve the problem of body hair and facial pigment. Inhibits melanin, which diminishes pigmentation, evens skin tone, leaving skin delicate and shiny. Obtained the highest certification standard in the global instrument industry, FDA certification in the United States, European Union CE certification, clinical cases of millions of people around the world, safe to use. Painless: Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, etc. Suitable for beauty salon use or professional people use. Draw-bar box design, easy to carry and store. Providing fast and comfortable hair removal treatment. The freckle removing principle of 360 magneto-optical skin cleaning system is divided into two parts, one is IPL pulse photopyrolysis principle, and the other is strong magnetic energy, which is the only one in the beauty industry that perfectly applies magnetic energy to medical beauty. It broke through a medical problem, power magnetic energy penetrates the skin, and the melanocytes are activated and stripped.

The stripped melanocytes are extracted to the skin surface and are vaporized and explode instantly by the power IPL pulse light. Some of them are metabolized through the skin surface of the body, while others are burst out of the body through the lymphatic microcirculation of small molecules of melanocytes.

The "principle of magnetic energy optical technology" patented by 360 magneto-optical skin cleaning system can effectively act on melanin cells, dissolve the generation and diffusion of melanin, and completely activate the peeling of melanin cells. For the basal layer and the layer above the epidermal melanosis has significantly clear reduction and improvement. Lighten the spots and reproduce the luster.

The melanin activity was effectively inhibited, the quantity decreased, and the color spots began to fade. The skin background color gradually becomes even, the glossiness increases, appears certain exquisite degree. The color spots are significantly reduced, and the skin color is gradually whitened. The melanin is released from the surface of the skin in a free state, the stain is obviously eliminated, the dull skin is fully improved, and the skin color is clearly brightened and gradually whitened.

The four reasons to choose 360 magneto-optical skin system. The 360 magneto-optical skin system has achieved the highest certification standards in the global instrument industry, the US FDA certification, the EU CE certification, and the clinical case of millions of people around the world! The 360 magneto-optical skin system shares a technology platform with the world's largest and most advanced American medical company. 360 magneto-optical skin cleansing system is the world's most complete and most systematic high-end facial pigment solution instrument! Can completely solve any pigment problem, the effect is lasting!

The effect of the 360 magneto-optical skin system can be described as magical. And the effect is lasting. Millions of customers can be our witnesses. The magneto-optical skin cleansing instrument is a high-tech beauty equipment for safely and reliably removing all kinds of facial tissues and excess hair from various parts of the human body. Trained and qualified employees can use the machine safely as long as they are properly operated and maintained.

Personnel operating or maintaining or other ancillary care personnel should be fully aware of the safety information provided in this chapter. Here are some of its security measures. 1 This instrument is dedicated to beauty salons and is not intended for use by home users. The instrument needs to be operated by a professional beautician, and non-professional operations may cause unnecessary harm. This unit is grounded through the ground wire in the three-core power supply.

Good grounding is critical to operational safety. 4 Please keep the original packaging of the instrument. When you need our assistance, you must pack the machine in original packaging before sending it to the repair. 5 Do not disassemble our equipment or attempt to perform operations not described in this manual.

All repair work must be carried out by a professional service technician approved by the company. 6 Do not install or operate the instrument near water or when your hands are wet, being careful not to spill liquid on the instrument. 7 Do not place anything on the wire.

Do not install the instrument in a location where the power cord is easily stepped on. 8 Unplug the instrument from the power outlet and contact a professional service station if any of the following conditions occur.

A liquid spilled onto the instrument, or the instrument is exposed to rain or water. B the instrument emits an odor, emits smoke or emits abnormal noise. C the power cord is broken or damaged. D The instrument has been dropped or the casing has been damaged. Please unplug the power cord after use to ensure safety.

Do not insert any type of item into the opening of the instrument, as there may be a risk of fire or electric shock. If something falls into the instrument and you cannot remove it smoothly, unplug the instrument and contact your dealer or the company. Do not place the instrument on an unstable cart, stand or car. If it falls over, the instrument may be seriously damaged. Pay special attention not to drag the instrument with your care head.

In order to extend the life of the machine, the continuous switch interval must be more than 1 minute. The continuous working time of the instrument should not exceed 2 hours. After each hour of work, turn off the power and unplug the power to rest the instrument for 20-30 minutes.

The company reserves the right to modify the information provided in this manual without prior notice. The company reserves the right to interpret the information.

1 After the instrument is opened and packaged, it must be added to the water injection. The overflow is filled when water comes out. A the overflow port must be opened when adding water. 2 In the system setting option, check the total number of treatment times of the nursing head, and the head should be replaced after reaching 200,000 times; even if the light can be emitted, the spectrum has been lost, and it is difficult to guarantee the effect of the service item.

Please change the head in time. 3 Each energy adjustment must start with the marked energy to avoid skin burns caused by high energy. Energy regulation standard: The skin has a distinct thermal sensation as the energy adjustment standard.

Be sure to read the following carefully before using the secondary instrument. Failure to strictly follow the rules of use and precautions may not achieve the desired results. If there is no progress in the area you want to change, or if you have any questions about this instrument, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Results may be related to your age, lifestyle sports, diet, etc.

1 If the body feels pain and severe redness during the nursing process, stop taking care immediately. It is normal for the skin to become slightly red or leave a trace during the treatment, and it will automatically turn red after half an hour. 2 Do not use this instrument in areas where jewelry such as jewelry or earrings are worn. 3 Do not use this instrument if the body contains metal objects the gold wire implanter or the body contains steel nails, pacemakers, etc.

4 Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to use this device, and children over the age of 7 need a doctor's advice to make it possible. 5 Do not use this instrument during female physiology.

6 Heart attackers should not use instrumental therapy. 7 If there is fever, infection, inflammation, skin disease (eczema, herpes), sputum, no or just scarred wounds, severe and chronic diseases (cancer, AIDS, blood disease lights) or blood clotting problems, this instrument is forbidden. 8 Do not use this instrument if you have phlebitis, have just had a venous procedure (or venous sclerosis) within two months, have severe varicose veins, or have numbness in your limbs. If in doubt, please consult your doctor first.

9 Pregnant women are prohibited from using this instrument. 10 This instrument should not be used inside the ear or mouth unless directed by a doctor. It should not be used for sticking. 11 Patients with epilepsy are prohibited from using this instrument.

This device is forbidden for people with mental illness. 12 If you take long-term medications such as anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, antibiotics, antihistamines, or your skin may be bruised due to a minor collision, consult your doctor before using this instrument. 13 This instrument can be used after any plastic surgery, but must follow the doctor's instructions.

14 After the machine is turned on, the instrument self-test system is started immediately, and the system will continuously detect the circuit during the operation of the device. If an abnormal situation occurs, the instrument will automatically issue an alarm.

15 Light energy is transmitted to the skin of the care recipient using a closed filter/light guide crystal, and the pulsed light can only be emitted from the front end surface of the light guide crystal. 16 This machine is designed with an independent safety circuit to cut off the circuit when the glare energy is too large.

The power can be quickly turned off by the red emergency stop switch when it is urgent. 17 The instrument recommends adding water to the tank every week or so depending on the frequency of use. Until it is full, pure water or distilled water must be used.

1 Any strong light emitting device can cause personal injury if it is used improperly. This equipment will generate high voltage when it is running. Personnel operating the glare unit should always be vigilant and take necessary protective measures according to this volume. 2 Care recipients: The eyes should be well protected when receiving strong light care. Wear protective glasses that comes with the unit during care.

When receiving OPT beauty care, you must apply a proper amount of coupling gel to the appropriate care area to protect the skin tissue. 3 Operator: Medical personnel should wear glare glasses during the nursing process. Note: Operators should not be able to look directly at the glare from the light care head even if they wear a protective goggle. 4 Nursing room: The nursing room should clearly indicate that high intensity light is being used. 5 The light guide crystal should always be kept clean.

Do not allow the coupling gel to penetrate inside the light care head. 6 When the light care head is leaking, it cannot be turned on. If it is turned on, it must be turned off immediately. 7 If the energy intensity is not properly set, excessive light energy is emitted to the care site, which may cause thermal damage to the skin, resulting in tissue hyperplasia and/or atrophy and/or abnormal skin pigmentation. Please set the parameters and energy according to the customer's situation. 8 Strong light may damage the eyes and cause fire or burns. All necessary protective measures should be taken when using.

9 Do not point the light care head to the air. When not in use, the head should be placed on the hook and should be pointed to the hand care area during care.

10 The temperature of the object increases after absorbing light energy. Precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of flammable materials in or near the ignition care area. 11 Do not use flammable substances such as alcohol or acetone when performing skin treatment before treatment. If necessary, use soapy water or medical distilled water. 12 If you have used alcohol to clean the light head or sterilize any of its parts, you must dry it before working. Electric shock protection: Level 1 BF. Do not use the unit in an environment where a flammable anesthetic is mixed with air or nitric oxide. 1 Do not use whitening stimulating functional products. 2 You can't wash your face with hot water within seven days, you can't steam sauna.

3 Do not eat spicy, stimulating food, seafood and pigmented foods such as chocolate, coffee, parsley, celery, leeks, mustard, etc. 4 Pay attention to sun protection. 5 If there is any crusting, do not grasp with your hands. 6 Do hydration care after 10 days (you can do hydrating care after treatment, such as applying).

Item Type: Hair Removal Beauty Device. Plug Type: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug(Optional).

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SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine    SHR E-Light IPL Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Laser OPT Skin Beauty Salon Machine